Same site — a refreshed feel. If you know us as "Candleston Campsite" you're in the right place, to better reflect the event space we're now "Candleston Woods"

FAQ & Info


We can supply firewood for both the outdoor fire pit and the wood-burning stove in the main building.

The wood for the wood burner is seasoned and chopped to size and costs £95 per ton.

The wood for the fire pit is in longer lengths, in the round, and costs £75 per ton.

Please let us know at least a week in advance of your booking if you would like firewood.

Please note:

To prevent the importation of tree diseases into the woodland we ask that no firewood is supplied by third parties.

To maintain the biodiversity of the woodland, we also ask customers to refrain from gathering firewood from around the site and adjoining woodland.

Outdoor fires other than the fire pit are not permitted.


Waste Disposal

In keeping with the ethos of the site and our policy of minimising any negative environmental impact, we operate a strict recycling system, and we supply bins for the following items (included within the site hire):

1 No. 1100 litre bins for dry recycling (including plastic, metal and cardboard)

1 No. 240 litre bins for glass

1 No. 240 litre bin for food waste

1 No. 1100 litre bin for non recyclables

To help the environment, we ask that customers bring as little potential waste onto the site as possible.

Extra Bins

If required, we are happy to supply additional bins subject to at least one week’s advanced notice. These will incur the following additional charges:

1100 litre dry recycling bin £15.00 each

240 litre glass bins £11.00 each

240 litre food waste bins £11.00 each

1100 litre non recyclables bin £25.00 each


Q: How many people can the site accommodate?

A: The site itself can comfortably accommodate up to 250 people, although for occasional events, using the adjoining woodland and additional parking facilities, up to 1,000 people can be accommodated subject to discussion with us before booking.

Q: How much parking is available?

A: The site can comfortably accommodate up to 80 cars in two dedicated parking areas, with additional parking nearby for up to 500 cars.

Q: Are dogs allowed on the site?

A: Unfortunately, in order to safeguard wildlife and avoid issues with dog mess, we do not allow dogs on the site.

Q: Can we bring our own firewood?

A: No firewood is to be brought onto site from third party sources due to the risk of tree diseases. Firewood can be supplied by us providing we are given at least one week’s notice prior to the booking date (see ‘Firewood’ page)

Q: Is there a noise limit on the site?

A: Although the site is 750m from the nearest dwelling, noise can carry and acceptable noise limits will vary depending on the type of noise, the wind direction, orientation of speakers, etc. Therefore if you are wishing to play loud music or create loud noises, please contact us beforehand to discuss

Q: Is the site muddy when it rains?

A: Although it is a woodland site, it is on sand (part of an old area of sand dunes) so is effectively ‘all weather’ and free of mud and puddles after rain. No wellies are required!

Q: How far is the site from the nearest beach?

A: The site is a 20 minute walk (1 mile approx.) to a long sandy beach across the adjoining Merthyr Mawr Warren National Nature Reserve.

Q: Where are the nearest shops?

A: There is a large 24 hour Tesco, together with other outlets, approximately 3 miles away on the A48 to the east of the site. 

Q: Are there recycling facilities on the site?

A: Yes, we provide separate bins for dry mixed recycling, glass, and food waste, as well as a bin for non-recyclables (see Rubbish page for more details)

Q: Is there any wifi on site?

A: Yes, there is a good wifi service in the Forest Barn, (although we will be happy to turn it off if you prefer to be off-grid!). If you wish to set up a contactless card payment service for your event, please let us know and we can arrange it.

Q: Is there mobile phone reception on the site?

A: Mobile phone reception is very poor to non-existent on the site, although phones that are enabled can use wifi calling in the Forest Barn. Alternatively, there is usually a reception on the road leading to the campsite.

Q: Can we light fires?

A: Outdoor fires other than in the designated fire pits are not permitted

Q: Can we collect dead wood lying in the woodland to burn on the fires?

A: We ask that for biodiversity reasons, that all dead wood is left in situ and is not collected or burned.

Q: Is the site suitable for wheelchairs?

A: We welcome wheelchairs, and there is a disabled toilet and shower room on site, accessible via timber decking around the buildings.

However, it should be understood that this is an undulating woodland site with gravel tracks and areas of open sand so that some areas are not easily accessible to wheelchairs. 

Q: Are there lots of biting insects?

A: Insects are not generally a problem on the site, although it is a natural environment so we can’t guarantee that you won’t be bitten!

Q: What is the electricity supply to the site?

A: There is a 40 amp 3 phase (400v) main supply to the main buildings, as well as four outdoor sockets for running external lighting etc   

The outdoor sockets comprise:  2No. 16 amp blue 3 pin 230v, 2No. 6 amp blue 3 pin 230v. 1No. 16 amp red 5 pin 400v

Note: There are no electrical hook ups in the camping areas

Q: Do you supply any tents for hire?

A: We can provide up to ten 5m bell tents each of which can comfortably accommodate up to 4 adults. These can be hired fully furnished or as a dry hire (tent only). If you are interested in hiring our bell tents, please contact us to discuss options.

Q: Do you supply marquees, awnings, or other large, temporary structures?

A: We currently do not supply these ourselves, but we can put you in touch with some suppliers if required. 

Q: What is the What3Words address for the site?

A: The main entrance to the site is: august.clash.somewhere, the main building on the site is: flight.groups.owners